Barnes Evangelistic Ministries
               Recent Happenings

June 2017

Faith Independent Baptist Church

                    Dad Preaching                                       David and Evan Singing                   Pastor Michael Brendal & Evang. Gary Barnes

May 2017

Calvary Baptist Church

                      Dad Preaching                                                  Us Singing                                                        David Singing

Golf Tournament
WEYY 88.7FM (The Gospel Radio Network)
Look Now!

New Vision Baptist Church

                      Pastor Daniel                                        Dad Preaching                                                             Us Singing

April 2017

Solid Rock Baptist Church

                     Dad Preaching                                               Us Singing                                                  Good crowds every night

March 2017

Grace Baptist Church
                Evangelist Gary Barnes Preaching                         Gary, David and Bro. Miller on the mics

January 2017

Victory Baptist Church(Homecoming)
Pastor Scott Kennedy and Family                          Dad Preaching                                This young man was saved

Having fellowship

LaRue Baptist Church

         Evangelist Gary Barnes preaching                                        Us Singing


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