DavidFirst I want to thank my parents for being faithful to the Lord and His work, for putting me in a Christian school and in an independent Baptist church where I was given the clear plan of salvation, how I can know for sure when I die where I would spend eternity. When I was fourteen years old I was in my last year at Camp Joy in Tennessee. The camp director was preaching and he asked if we 100% sure, with out a doubt that we would go to heaven if we died. This could not be because you live in a Christian home and because you have not been in a lot of trouble. This got me thinking and I did not know for sure. Then he said this is a personal thing between me and the Lord. I had to ask Him myself. I went forward. I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was dark outside. The chapel was open on the sides and the light from the inside was shining outside by a oak tree. There a counselor took me and showed me form the Bible how I could know for sure and then I asked Jesus to save me and He did. So I ask this question to you, "Do you know 100% for sure?" If not, the Lord will save you just like me. Romans 10:13 says. "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Ask the Lord today, He will save you.

Hello! We are the Barnes Family. We hope you enjoy our testimonies. First we would like you to know a little about what we believe.

We Believe:

1. The King James Bible is the inspired, inerrant,  infallible, preserved, perfect and pure WORD OF GOD (Psalm 12:6).
2. In God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
3. In the deity, virgin birth, death, burial, and the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
4. In salvation by grace, plus nothing or minus nothing, through the Blood of Christ.
5. The conditions for salvation are repentance and faith as a result of Holy Ghost conviction.
6. That men are justified by faith alone and are accounted righteous before God only through the merit of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and His precious blood.
7. In the eternal security of the believer, and that you can know that you have eternal life.
8. In the visible, personal, pre-tribulation, and pre-millennial return of Jesus Christ.
9. In the everlasting conscious blessedness of the saved in the very presence of Jesus.
10. In the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost, in a literal burning lake of fire.
11. That all believers are called into a life of seperation from all worldly and sinful places and alliances, and unto a life of dedication to Jesus Christ.

                                      About Us
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Barnes Evangelistic Ministries
 At the age of tGary Barneswelve I attended Sunday school at The Inman Park Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. The church was only four blocks from my home and they had a baseball team for boys my age. The YMCA helped organize the league and we played other churches and boys clubs on Saturdays. Anyone who played was required to be in Sunday School every week. I would attend and then hurry home before the church service started. On a very special in the spring of the year I was invited by an older player on the team to stay for the church service that morning. I accepted the invitation and took my place in the big auditorium about the eighth row back on the left side. The pastor preached the Gospel and told everyone how to be saved that day and I believed what he said. I made my way to the front when the invitation was given and took a seat on the front pew. A dear lady sat down beside me and told me the old, old story of Jesus and His love. She told me how He had died for my sins and if I would put my faith in Him and receive Him as my Saviour I would be saved right then and there. II was saved that day and baptized soon after at the East Side Baptist Church by Pastor Guy Rainwater. My mother was a Christian but my dad was a drunkard. I left home at sixteen and joined U.S. Navy and for the next ten years I did not attend any church much nor grew as a Christian. Then the Lord led me to a good fundamental independent Baptist church where my wife and I got involved and began to grow in the things of God. In 1977 I surrendered my life tot he call of God preach the Gospel. Since that day we have worked at being faithful and obedient with our family to serve the Lord and reach all we can with the good news of God's amazing grace and eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. To God be the glory, great things He hath done.
MomThe first time I heard the Gospel I received Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I was nine years old when I got saved and lived at the time in Kimball, NE. My father being in the military, we never stayed in one place very long, so I never got grounded in the Word of God. I stayed a baby Christian until my late twenties. My husband, Gary, and I decided there was more to life than what we were doing, so, when we moved to Douglasville, GA we joined The King's Way Baptist Church and thank the Lord we have been growing ever since. I think one of the most important things I learned was how to be a soul-winner. My husband, our Pastor Dr. Mike Johns and Phoster Club trainer and trainee program while at Hyles-Anderson College were a big influence on me. God has been so good  to me putting me with the right influences. I am so glad that God is merciful and does not give up on us. My prayer is to surrender to Him more and more every day.

RachelHi, my name is Rachel Barnes. I want to thank the Lord for my salvation. I have had the honor and privilege to be raised in a Christian home. I attended Christian school almost all of my school years. I home schooled my last two years, so I have been exposed to the Gospel message all my life. I remember in 1985 at the age of five getting baptized, but in 1990 at the age of ten I got saved. In that same year I surrendered to full time Christian service. My prayer is that God will continue to use me in any way he sees fit. God bless you all.

EvanHello! My name is Evan Barnes. I was born in Douglasville, GA. I have been raised in a Christian home my entire life, from birth I have been in church every time the doors opened, as a matter fact my dad was the one who opened the doors. I have gone to Christian school, but despite all of these there came a time when I had to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. I was saved at the age of ten. I was led to the Lord by my dad at the altar of the King's Way Baptist Church in Douglasville, GA. Our pastor at the time was out of town so one of our assistant pastors was preaching that Sunday evening. His name was Mr. Mark Evans. I was baptized that same evening. I thank the Lord for His goodness to me. I am twenty-six old now and I am thankful that my family has not wavered. I hope and pray that the Lord will use me for His glory.

ShannonI thank the Lord for saving me at the young age of seven. I was raised in a Christian family and I thank the Lord for giving me Christian parents to guide me and teach me about God's word. I graduated from the King's Way Christian School in 1990. After high school I have continued to serve the Lord with my parents. The Lord has richly blessed. My prayer is to see people get saved. I hope the Lord will continue to use my family and I for the Lord's work.