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Matthew 26:36 – 46    V. 39

Even Jesus had to get His attitude right to do the will of God. Most of the time we are very loose when it comes to doing God’s will. He is usually the last one we talk to (if at all) when it comes to making a decision in life. There are some things we can do to get our attitude on the right track to find and do the will of God. 

1.     We see an attitude of PERSONAL PREFERENCE ----- V. 39

         Our Father knows our frame and He knows we have a preference. He understands. He will not ask us to do something we     

         cannot do. He will always help us “go a little farther.”

2.     We see an attitude of PERSISTENT PRAYER ------ V. 36, 39, 42, 44

        V. 42 ----- “Again.” God help us to be persistent praying people.  Jesus saw the need to pray three times. Sometimes we quit

        praying too soon, just before the answer comes. We need to be persistent in our prayers if we are to go a little farther.

3.     We see an attitude of PREVAILING PEACE ------- V. 45 & 46

        Jesus knew what to do when He was willing to “go a little farther.”  The Father will always make His will clear when we are

        willing to “go a little farther.” We can never separate PERSISTENT PRAYER and PREVAILING PEACE.

        Key thought ------- “Nevertheless.” We won’t find the will of God and go farther unless we are willing to say “Nevertheless.”



2 Corinthians 5:6 – 21   V. 9

God wants His children to labor for Him (Luke 10:2). The harvest is white and He needs laborers to get the Gospel message out to a lost world. So often His children get so busy with living life and going about our daily routine that we let His work go lacking. He saves us to serve Him.     Our text gives us three (3) Bible reasons “Why We Labor.”

1.     Because of the TRIBUNAL WE MUST FACE ……………………….. V. 10

The Bible promises that all believers must stand before the “Judgment Seat of Christ” to give an account for how we have served the Lord in this life. Our works, whether good or bad, will be reviewed.

2.     Because of the TERROR WE FEAR …………………………………… V. 11

        Anyone we don’t tell about the Savior will surely spend eternity in hell fire.

3.     Because of the TOUCH WE FEEL ……………………………………... V.14

        His love for us should cause us to feel grateful to Him. Our love for Him should cause us to feel like serving Him.



Romans 8:26 – 39

There is a MONETARY crisis NOW!        There is a MORAL crisis COMING!       There is a MILITARY crisis COMING!

What do we do?

1.      BELIEVE IN THE SOVERNITY OF GOD                                                3.      BELIEVE IN THE SECURITY OF THE SAINTS

         a.     He can subjugate nature                                                                       a.      Distress won’t stop us

         b.     He can supply needs                                                                              b.      Demons won’t scare us

         c.      He can sub-do nations                                                                          c.       Death won’t separate us


         a.      It reveals God is liberal with His children     v. 32

         b.      It reveals God’s longing for His children to be like Jesus    v. 29

         c.      It reveals God’s love for His children    v. 31 


“WIN  THE  WAR  IN  2017”

JAMES 4: 1 – 10;   JUDE 17 – 23;   I PETER 2:11;   II CORINTHIANS 10:4  

The Christian life is a battle field.  The flesh is at war with the Sprit that dwells in us.  Man’s will is at war with the will of God.  This war continues until we are with Jesus, but we can have the victory and we can win the war by grace, power and help of God.  However, if we will obey God’s Word we can and will enjoy victory in this NEW YEAR!

HOW CAN WE WIN THE WAR IN 2017?    Consider the “A, B, C’s” of the Christian warfare.

I.     APPLY  YOUR  FAITH  PROPERLY             Every human being has faith; we are born with it (Rom. 12:3; John 1:9).  

                           (1 John 5:4)                               Our faith should be in Jesus for salvation and in nothing else (Acts 4:12)

2.     BUILD-UP YOUR FAITH POWERFULLY   How do we build-up our faith?  WE ADD TO IT!  So many people get saved  

                                                                               and they stop right there and don’t ADD to their faith (2 Peter 1:5-10).

3.     CONFESS YOUR FAITH PASSIONATELY  (Jude 22-23) ----- “Pulling them out of the fire.”   Determine in 2017 to win

                                                                               everyone you can to Jesus (Deut. 12:3).  Confess our faith to all!     


“THE  ATTITUDE  OF  GRATITUDE”                                                                                              LUKE 17:7 – 10                                 VERSE 9

Luke 17:9  “ Doth he thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I trow not.”

In our text we find the word “thank” used in a very special way.  The Greek word “charis” is used in the New Testament 0ver 150 times and 130 times it is rendered “GRACE.”  This word has its own wardrobe. Some of its outfits are “favor, pleasure, acceptable, benefit, gift, joy liberality and thanks.”  Let us compare “Grace” and “Thanks” in this “ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE.”


1.   A MATTER OF ASSOCIATION ………. Gratitude is grace in action.  Grace is the producer; thanks is the product!  Grace is the root; thanks is the fruit!  Grace is the foundation; thanks is the framework!  Grace is the origin; thanks is the offspring!  Grace is the inflow; thanks is the outflow! Thanksgiving is “grace” at work!  Philippians 2:13;  When grace works in us, thanks will work out of us.

2.   A MESSAGE OF APPRECIATION ………. Giving “thanks” exhibits a humble appreciation for the grace that has been received.  I Corinthians 15:57; II Corinthians 2:14; II Corinthians 8:16  The grace of God that is extended to us from others will keep our hearts from pride & selfishness.

3.   A MEASURE OF ADORATION ……….. Grateful hearts respond in worship and adoration (II Corinthians 9:15).  The Lord directs His grace our way and works in our hearts and lives.  Then, completing the cycle, that same grace goes back to Him in the form of Thanksgiving and Praise!   An Attitude of Gratitude will produce … A Glad Heart; A Giving Spirit; A Gospel Witness (Psalm 34:2)



Psalm 126: 6

                This verse presents a wonderful outline on how to have God’s power and how to experience results in soul winning. Here is the promise that one who goes after sinners, one who has concern and a broken heart, one who uses the precious seed of the Gospel shall lead some people to salvation.

Notice six (6) things here:

1.     “The Task” ……………….  “goeth forth.”   The nature of a concerned yielded Christian is to “GO!”

2.     “The Treasure” ………… “precious seed.”   The seed is the Word of God.

3.     “The Tears”  ……………..  No crop grows without “water” (tears).  Our churches are missing the tears.

4.     “The Triumph”  ………… “shall doubtless.”  Victory is a sure thing.  (I Cor. 12:14).

5.     “The Thrill”  ……………..  “rejoicing.”  

6.     “The Trophy”  ………….. “bringing his sheaves with him.”   This is a sure outline of success in soul winning.



I Cor. 1:18-31;    Gal. 5:11


In the church of Galatia the legalistic Christians were insisting that Christian converts from paganism be circumcised in order to avoid offending the Jews.  Whenever some new philosophy or practice becomes popular in the world, a Christian party will soon be found advocating its adoption in the church, ostensibly to promote easier acceptance of the Gospel, but in reality seeking to mitigate the offense of the cross.

Why is the Cross of Jesus Christ offensive to some?

1.      The Cross declares man is a sinner ……………. Rom. 3:23; Isaiah 53:6; 2 Cor. 5:21; Heb. 2:9; Phil. 2:8; 3:9.

2.      The Cross demands a blood sacrifice …………. Sin caused the need for blood …. Heb. 9:12; 22-28; 10:12; 26.

3.      The Cross defines the walk of a servant ……. It is a requirement of a disciple … Mark 10:21; Luke 14:27

4.      The Cross delivers the way of salvation ……. I Cor. 1:18; Col. 2:14; Matt. 7:14           It is finished!



Proverbs 31:10-31


            Our Scripture says, “A VIRTUOUS WOMAN” who can find?”  Not just any kind of woman but a virtuous woman.   The word “VIRTUOUS” means ……. Clean, powerful, divinely controlled, good, right strong, valor, mighty -------- because of the condition of the heart (inside).                  The Characteristics of a VIRTUOUS woman:


1.     V. 11,12,23 ------- She is a PROMOTER                                              7.   V. 21 ---------- She is a PROTECTOR

2.     V. 13-15 ----------- She is a PROVIDER                                                8.   V. 22 ---------- She is PLEASANT and PLUSH

3.     V. 16 --------------- She is a PURCHASER                                            9.   V. 24 ---------- She is a PROPRIETOR and PROFITABLE

4.     V. 17 --------------- She is PRUDENT                                                  10.   V. 25 ---------- She is PRETTY

5.     V. 18-19 ----------- She is PERCEPTIVE                                              11.   V. 26 ---------- She is POLITE

6.     V. 20 --------------- She PARTICIPATES                                             12.   V. 27 ---------- She is a PROGRAMMER

13.   V. 28-31 ------ She is PRAISED  



ACTS 8:5-24                       Philip had just preached to Samaria and they had revival.  And there was great JOY in that city.  Real revival will always bring JOY!  Then we see in verse 9 God says, “BUT.”  When God opens the windows of Heaven to bless us, the Devil opens the doors of Hell to blast us.            Expect Satanic opposition.

Three warnings against “Counterfeit Christianity:”  --- Satanic Force; Superficial Faith; Selfish Focus

1.      DON’T  BE  DAZZLED  BY  THE  SATANIC  FORCE  OF  FALSE  RELIGION             Acts 8:9-12


3.      DON’T  BE  DESTROYED  BY  THE  SELFISH  FOCUS  OF  FALSE  RELIGION       Acts 8: 9-19, 24

Simon, the sorcerer, said he believed, but Peter said, “You have no part or lot with this; your heart is not right with God,” V. 20.  Simon was in this thing not for what he could GIVE --- but, for what he could GET!


Matthew 26:6 – 13                       Mary was sending out a message totally different than the woman in Luke 7.  She had heard on three different occasions that Jesus was going to rise from the dead.  Breaking this box gives us three important facts about Mary’s heart toward the Savior.

1.      She  REVEALED  her  VALUES       Most of life’s successes or failures can be measured by what we VALUE.

2.      She  RESPECTED  her  VESSE       Jesus is a – Perfect; Passionate; Personal vessel.

3.      She  REMEMBERED  her  VICTOR        Have you ever seen Jesus bring a VICTORY in YOUR life?

Application:     1.   The box was made of earth

     2.    Inside the box was a very precious substance     

                         3.   The substance was to be used to honor Jesus

     4.     Pouring the ointment on Jesus was a symbol that Jesus is FIRST!


    HEBREWS  2: 1-8        Verse 3  The word “great” here means …. “magnitude; vast and mighty.”  No one who understands the doctrine of salvation would deny that salvation is the greatest thing in the world.  If a person is not saved, nothing else really matters.  SALVATION …… Sin wrought it; God thought it; the Devil fought it; Jesus bought it; the Word taught it; the Holy Spirit brought it; Faith sought it, and “thank God”, I caught it!

 I.      Salvation is great because of our CAPTAIN ………… Hebrews 2:9, 10      Salvation is a PERSON … Not a THING

 2.     Salvation is great because of what it COST ………… Hebrews 9:22; Hebrews 9:11-15, 23-28;   I Peter 1:18,19

3.     Salvation is great because of its CONTENTS ………. Deliverance from …. Penalty of Sin; Power of Sin; Presence of Sin

4.     Salvation is great because of its COMPASSION …. Lamentations 3:22; Psalm 78:38; Matthew 9:36: LOVE completely

5.     Salvation is great because of its CONSTRAINING POWER …….. II Corinthians 5:14

6.     Salvation is great because of its CONSTRUCTION .. I Corinthians 3:9; Jude 20; II Corinthians 5:1; John 14:2; Ephesians 2:10

7.     Salvation is great because of its CALLING …………… Mark 2:17; I Thessalonians 5:24; Romans 10:12,13; I John 5:11-13

 But, it is not so great unless it is YOURS!